Podcasts for the Pre-Med

I am a HUGE podcast nerd.  I started listening to podcasts when I moved to Boston because I spend an exuberant amount of time in transit between work, school, and the gym.  Tuning into some of my favorite shows helps make the commute seem so much shorter.  Hearing someone else’s story of their journey to medical school or listening about opinions regarding the changing health care sphere keeps me informed and helps me to prepare for a life-long career in medicine.  So, here’s a run-down of podcasts I listen to regularly:

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The Short Coat Podcast 

This podcast is my absolute favorite by far.  I listen every week as medical students from the University of Iowa discuss their journey to medical school, current news in healthcare, and just about everything in between.  They debunk a lot of rumors that circulate on internet forums regarding the med school application process and really make you feel like you aren’t alone on this journey.  The hosts are also very receptive to listener questions and ideas for topics to be discussed.  I love listening to the Short Coat Podcast on my way to school because it always starts my day with a laugh and keeps me inspired to work towards my goal of becoming a doctor.


What the Health? 

Kaiser Health News puts on a weekly podcast with healthcare updates from Washington D.C. This female led podcast sheds light on the confusing legislation being passed in Congress and provides up-to-date information about changes in healthcare. As host Julie Rovner puts it, she tries to shed light on “What the Health” is going on in Washington.


The Premed Years: 

If you’re looking for step-by-step advice on getting into medical school, tune in to Dr. Ryan Grey’s podcast “The Premed Years.”  Dr. Ryan Grey does an excellent job at explaining the application process and ways to improve your application to give you the best chances at getting into medical school.  He also does personal coaching to pre-meds and has other podcasts regarding MCAT prep and finding the right medical specialty in medical school.

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The Future of Healthcare: 

This podcast is all about current leaders in various aspects of healthcare, and where healthcare is expected to go in the next 10-15 years.  Nathan Dollinger hosts the podcast and brings on some amazing leaders in the healthcare sector, ranging from physicians to insurance specialists to tech developers.  I have learned so much about the changes being made to improve quality and access to care.  Tune in each week for a little extra inspiration to keep working hard toward changing The Future of Healthcare!

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Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine: 

“Meet ’em, Greet ’em, Treat ’em, and Street ’em.” That’s the motto from Dr. Ken Milne, ER doc and host of the SGEM.  After working in the ER for 3+ years in undergrad, I became very interested in learning more about emergency medicine, and finding ways to provide care that is evidenced based.  This is exactly what the podcast does.  Each week, the SGEM takes on a new research article and discusses the relevance and applications of the findings.  Dr. Milne’s goal is to shorten the knowledge translation window, which currently is about 10 years, to less than a year.  By listening in each week, I have learned about changes in treatment methods in emergency medicine.  I am inspired to keep working hard to reach my goal of working in emergency medicine, and use my public health skills to practice the most up-to-date evidence based medicine.

Podcast resources:

I personally use both Stitcher and iTunes to listen to podcasts, but a few months ago, Spotify also added podcasts to their services, so theres plenty of ways to find these and many more great podcasts!  Do you have a favorite podcast that inspires you or keeps you entertained on your way to work?


3 Replies to “Podcasts for the Pre-Med”

  1. I love Podcasts. My favorites are not healthcare focused, but sometimes cover aspects of healthcare. These are the ones I subscribe to: This American Life, Radiolab, Planet Money, Reply All, Startup, Freakonomics Radio, Invisibilia, Serial, and NPR Politics.


  2. Another one I love is Ted Talks Health! They feature great current events in healthcare from a global and domestic perspective and are short (often 20 minutes or less).

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